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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Boring - Dull - Eh..

I think I'm feeling the same effect that a super drowsy person is feeling. Im so bored and at a loss for stuff to do. The whole "Internet" buzz has gone, its way boring, So I have nothing to do, living in a small-ish town is a big downfall. Oh sure it sounds like I'm moaning, trust me, I'm not.

Right, So the start of the day has been okay, went out for a few hours but nothing much really. I'd try to make the most out of the day but I end up sitting around on some rocks by the beach with a few friends, and thats just dull.

So, really what is there to do? Well, I'm sitting at a computer with the E-World at my fingertips and....nothing.

Sure I could go on some threads but bleh, nah. I have realised now, (since Ive half-decided to take up regular blogging) that I would type quite a lot here, but not the "a lot" most would type.

Right, now you needed a Reason to come on this and read it, well, Im listening to "Fluke" by "Switch Twitch". It's like one of those songs that if you feel tired will make you just feel worse, but I set all my music to autoplay everyday so I really couldnt be beothered changing it.

Finally now, Apologies, Sorry that you had to read this bullshit. But Oh Well. I promise my next post will be better... Or maybe not

~ Righteous.


The state of being or being part of random occurances & activities. Also known as being in a state of complete randomness.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Fill in the Blanks

Gist of the Game...

Ill say a sentence, you become creative and fill in where this [ ] is. You can a maximum of three words in the space.

The Sentence:

One Day I was [ ] down the road then I saw a [ ] and then it [ ] into a pile of [ ]. I was so scared that I [ ]and ran home. The next day [ ] actually had followed me home. Now I really have [ ] myself and its not funny anymore.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Je Voix Te Voir


haha, two stellar girls having a laugh dancing to yelle's music.

Well done!


Son of the dude in the sky,

21 Reasons Why Jesus Christ loves In Rainbows by Radiohead

1. Since Kid A, Radiohead became a band I respect more than love. Now, I am madly in love with them once again.

2. Loved the feeling of us again waiting together for a release date.

3. The song Nude.

4. Hearing on October 1st that we would have the new album in 10 days.

5. Hearing Thom Yorke echoing the word “dance” in Jigsaw Falling Into Place.

6. The scissors sound throughout Reckoner.

7. The joy of paying a price I think this album is worth.

8. The surprise of hearing Thom Yorke sing “I just wanna be your lover.”

9. The album length.

10. Thom Yorke reintroducing melody.

11. The song Faust Arp

12. The hints of Paranoid Android rock at the end of Bodysnatchers.

13. CD 2 in December.

14. Nothing but mp3s in the zip folder.

15. The light fear that the band is somehow now tracking all who put these mp3’s into their iPods.

16. People arguing over it being a publicity stunt.

17. The feeling of the album being a gift.

18. The odd sense that the indie kids were all happy together with one album.

19. Wondering what Pitchfork will think of it.

20. The song All I Need.

21. The album points to My invisible qualities, My eternal power and divine nature, which can be clearly seen through this music, and can see Me clearly, so that people who have heard this album are without excuse. And that ends my first blog of this blogger