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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Boring - Dull - Eh..

I think I'm feeling the same effect that a super drowsy person is feeling. Im so bored and at a loss for stuff to do. The whole "Internet" buzz has gone, its way boring, So I have nothing to do, living in a small-ish town is a big downfall. Oh sure it sounds like I'm moaning, trust me, I'm not.

Right, So the start of the day has been okay, went out for a few hours but nothing much really. I'd try to make the most out of the day but I end up sitting around on some rocks by the beach with a few friends, and thats just dull.

So, really what is there to do? Well, I'm sitting at a computer with the E-World at my fingertips and....nothing.

Sure I could go on some threads but bleh, nah. I have realised now, (since Ive half-decided to take up regular blogging) that I would type quite a lot here, but not the "a lot" most would type.

Right, now you needed a Reason to come on this and read it, well, Im listening to "Fluke" by "Switch Twitch". It's like one of those songs that if you feel tired will make you just feel worse, but I set all my music to autoplay everyday so I really couldnt be beothered changing it.

Finally now, Apologies, Sorry that you had to read this bullshit. But Oh Well. I promise my next post will be better... Or maybe not

~ Righteous.

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